Practical information

Here you will find regularly updated practical information useful for all those in Paris taking part in the Cop 21 opposition movement.

Meeting Points

Info Points - welcome of internationals during the COP
If you have no network in Paris, if you are looking for information on accommodation, the collective canteens, the legal team, the different timings for gatherings and actions, you can go to the info point here :

  • La Petite Rockette, dans son café associatif La Trockette (125 rue du Chemin vert, métro Père Lachaise, ligne 2). On vous accueille du mardi au samedi de 16h à 22h.

Accommodation / Catering

There are around 1500 spaces to sleep available for Thursday the 10th, Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th and there are already spaces available in people’s homes, so if you need accommodation, please let someone know at the info point : La Petite Rockette, at its café La Trockette (125 rue du Chemin vert, metro Père Lachaise, line 2). Open to welcome you from Tuesday to Saturday, 4pm to 10pm.

Meals will be served every day at :

  • Jardin d’Alice, rue Garibaldi, Montreuil, metro station : Robespierre (Line 9)
  • L’annexe, 35-37 rue Baudin, Le pré Saint Grevais, metro station : Hoche (Line 5)
  • 29 rue de l’Ourcq, metro station Ourcq (Line 5)

During the entire duration of the COP21, you are all invited ! If you are coming as a big group, it would be great if you could let us know in advance so that we can organise ourselves accordingly to provide enough food.


Website :

Facebook page : anticop21

Poster (available during meetings and on demand) :

Dedicated slots on radio stations that are friends :

  • Radio Libertaire (89.4) : Every Tuesday from half past midnight, until half past 8 on Wednesday morning, 01 43 71 89 40
  • Fréquence Paris Plurielle (106.3) :

contact :

Prochaines assemblées :

  • mardi 1er décembre à 19h au CICP
  • mercredi 2 décembre à 16h à l’université Paris 7

Main Events

Voir l’article « Suite des réjouissances contre la COP21 »

Past events :

  • From the 23rd to the 27th of November, a week of discussions, projects, events and canteens at Paris University 7 « Thinking on ecology beyond the COP21 »
  • The 27th of November, arrival of convoys from different ZAD (defended environmental zones) at the château de Versailles
  • The 1st of December, mass meeting against the COP21

Work groups

email : cosomi[at]
phone : 07,53,39,35,45
welcome point : every day at the CICP from 4pm to 6pm and on Saturday from midday.

  • Logistics group (accommodation / canteens) :

emails : logistik-cop21[at] / kitchens_cop21@[at]
phone :
welcome point :


email : mediccop21[at]
Every day the "medical commission" will give training sessions in basic first aid at the « zone action climat » at the 104, 5 rue Curial, 75019.
You can contact the commission by email : (PGP code available if you wanted to encrypt your communications). You can send them your photos and eye witness accounts of violence, ask for advice, or let them know about an action/event at which a medical team could be useful.
Let’s remind ourselves that it is important to be autonomous in terms of taking care of ourselves and that following a first aid course is a good idea.