Call for a meeting inter-territories of struggle on the 2d of december

Call for a meeting inter-territories of struggle on the 2d of december starting from 13:00 at the CNT, 33 rue des Vignoles.

Wednesday the 2d starting from 13:00 – Call for a meeting inter-territories of struggle, followed by an infotour on the ZAD of NDDL.
A the CNT, 33 rue des Vignoles, metro Avron. Bring something to share for lunch and dinner !

After the convergence on Paris of caravans from spaces of resistance and many other people opposed to the great masquerade of COP21, we call for a common meeting between people and collectives involved on spaces of resistance and territorial struggles. Following the InterZAD meeting held in Notre-Dame-des-Landes on the 13-14 juillet and the discussions held at the Bure camp in August, we want to keep on meeting to share our thoughts, feeling and information on territories on which we are involved, be they in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, Bure, Roybon, Agen, Oléron, Rouen, in Aveyron or Morvan, etc.The international mobilization against fake solutions of the green capitalism during the COP21 also provides with the opportunity to give a global perspective to this discussion.

It is all the more important to discuss that, under the “state of emergency”, the French State has started to repress many people involved in anticapitalist struggles (as well as many Muslims) : interdiction and repression of the demonstrations held in Ile-de-France, waves of perquisitions in squats and other places of other living spaces, house arrests on the basis of “prevention” of demonstration against COP21. With this ongoing massive repression, we better understand the precise political project behind the term “green jihadists” used by the president of FNSEA Xavier Beulin one year ago to design occupants of ZADs, a few days after Rémi Fraisse murder by police : from Islamic jihadist to “green” jihadist, the useful “enemy within” justifies all the repressions in the name of “republican order”, a war within the population.

Moreover during the last months many spaces of struggle have faced strong repression and/or recuperation of their resistances : expulsions of the ZADs in Oléron (against a project of intensive oyster park), Echillais (against a project of incinerator), Haren in Belgium (against a giant jail), expulsion of the squatted Farm des Bouillons in Rouen replaced by a counter-project capitalist and reactionary shaped as “ecological” and “alternative”, expulsions of a part of the ZAD of Agen... The threats of expulsions against the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, pending since October, are the most visible part of the intensification of repression against territorialized struggles.

If we want to face and anticipate government/police strategies to weaken and repress our struggles, if we want to keep on organizing to settle subversions here and there, we have to keep on meeting, sharing and learning from each other !

The meeting will be followed by a second evening of discussions on the situation at the ZAD of NDDL at 19:00 !

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