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Canteen and info kiosk Sunday 13th at 1pm, République !

Canteen and info kiosk - Place de la République, Sunday 1pm We call all those who are willing to come to the Place de la République this Sunday the 13th at 1pm for one last big AntiCOP meal. It will be an opportunity to meet up and discuss and reflect on the last few weeks and on future mobilisations. We want to return to the Place to give our ideas visibility with an info kiosk and banners, to carry an anticapitalist and self-organising message. Bring your banners, your desires, texts and brochures that you want to share ! Their COP is over. Our fight continues !!

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Live updates on anti-COP21 mobilisation : from 1st to 6th December

Since the start of the week repression against anti-COP mobilisation has intensified. Following arbitray summons and house arrests across France, the police have been organising raids in the street and the metro, arresting people who look like 'ZADistes'. But in spite of these attempts at intimidation, the mobilisation continues. In this article you will find updates from the first week of December. Next meeting of the mobilisation on monday at 7h30 p.m., « l’Annexe », 35 rue Baudin, Pré-st-Gervais, M° Hoche In brief : 15:40 : All the people that attended the event at the « Grand Palais » have been evacuated. An activist climbed on a lamp to hang up a banner « no peace without climate justice » but the moutain cops came to arrest him. The street in front of the building is closed and police patrols (in civilains, without even an armband) are walking in the neighborhood and control people that could have participated to the action. For now we know that at least 40 people have been put aside and surronuded by the police. 12:40 PM : Controls are severe at the entrance of the « Grand Palais ». People are being filtered by criteria that semms to be : age, gender and style. If you are a guy of less than 30 years old with a casual look, you will probably stay outside. The programme for upcoming mobilisations Call-out to join unemployment demo on Saturday 5th December in order to protest against repression and move forward. The COP21 will be people-based or nothing ! Pas d'AG ce soir à l'annexe 11h : Lors des comparutions immédiates d'hier, deux camarades ont été condamné-es à 8 et 4 mois de prison avec sursis. Live updates in french.

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Live updates about anti-COP mobilisation

The mobilisation against the COP 21 is now going strong. Police repression has been severe since before the beginning of the conference->4281]. In this article, we are gathering and spreading information each day as it happens. In brief : Early this afternoon, 4,000- 5,000 people gathered at Place de la République, which was entirely blocked off by the police. A demonstration started moving up avenue de la République in spite of the ban and the police presence. The cops blocked the demo further along the avenue, using batons, tear gas and grenades against the demonstrators. Confrontations then took place on the avenue and the place de la République. After blocking all access routes to the square, the police continued to charge at demonstrators. Confrontations and attempts to re-start the demonstration continued. Currently, more than a hundred arrests have been confirmed.10:00 The arrested people are scattered throughout Paris. At least one car was sent to Bobigny TGI. For at least one person under custody the indictment is « participation in an unauthorized demonstration ». All the updates

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