Gathering and day of solidarity with the expropriated people of Notre-Dame-des-Lande, Thursday 10th December

Call to join a gathering and day of solidarity with the expropriated people of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, Thursday 10th December, from 11am to 7.30pm, Place Stalingrad, 19th arrondissement Paris.

Call to join a gathering and day of solidarity with the expropriated people of Notre-Dame-des-Landes
*Thursday 10th December, from 11am to 7.30pm, Place Stalingrad, 19th arrondissement Paris*
At 11.30am on Thursday the 10th of December, there will be a summary judgement of eviction at the courthouse in Nantes (Tribunal de Grande Instance). This court summons concerns 4 farms and 11 families : farmers, tenants and owners who live in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, on the planned future site of a large airport.

The companies AGO/Vinci, who act on behalf of the state via the Minister of Ecology, are demanding their immediate expulsion, on threat of a fine of 200€, per day and per case and if necessary enforceable by the police ; the seizure of goods, work tools and livestock ; all without regard to the « trêve hivernale ». (In France it is illegal to evict tenants during the winter months - normally from 1 November until 15 March).

All of these people are affected by the political agreement of May 2012 called ’grève de la faim’ (’hunger strike’), which protected against the eviction of inhabitants living on the zone before the zone was declared to be of public utility.

This summons has been given despite there being no urgency, no date having been fixed for the start of building work on the airport, and that at the same time, Vinci is signing provisional leases in order that parcels of the ZAD (Zone à Défendre - Zone to Defend) of Notre-Dame-des-Landes be farmed in the coming season.

Where is the coherence ?

The acceleration of the project arrives bang in the middle of the COP21, during which France pretends that it is setting an example in terms of ways of slowing down global warming, notably by the setting-up of a so-called « sustainable agriculture ».

The summons also arrives during the state of emergency resulting from the recent terror attacks : we have noticed that this state of emergency is widely used to limit or freedoms (bans on protesting, police searches, house arrests...) and to repress activists (injuries inflicted by the police, remanding in custody..) It also aims to install fear, to close down public debate and to crush solidarities.

An important mobilisation of 2012 having caused a failure of the state’s policing strategy aimed at emptying the ZAD, Vinci is currently trying to bring the farmers and inhabitants of Notre-Dame-des-Landes to their knees, by threatening them with fines, and by depriving them of the means to farm. The objective of the eviction notice is to clear out the ZAD and it is targeting a place of life, solidarity, organisation, invention of other alternative ways of living than that of profit, concrete and terror !

The people, collectives against the airport, the organisations and associations, all revolted by the announcement of the eviction notice, call all concerned people and activists who are here for the COP21 to come to a mass gathering.

To get informed, to affirm our determination and our cohesion, in the spirit of the ZAD convoy which left Notre-Dames-Landes at the end of November and made it all the way to Versailles on the 28th...

Friendly gathering
In support of the actions planned the same day in Nantes in front of the court.
Thursday the 10th of December, from 11am to 19.30pm
Place Stalingrad, 19th arrondissement
Meal at midday and at 6pm speeches, choir, readings, discussions,
batucada percussion, magic tricks (maybe they’ll make Vinci disappear !), info kiosque,...

There will be more info on the programme for the afternoon as soon as possible.

To keep up to date with all unforeseen changes of programme consult : // //
Or 06 41 00 92 23 !

Tell your friends, come in great numbers !!

Mots-clefs : ZAD
Localisation : 19e arrondissement

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