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Live updates about anti-COP mobilisation

The mobilisation against the COP 21 is now going strong. Police repression has been severe since before the beginning of the conference->4281]. In this article, we are gathering and spreading information each day as it happens. In brief : Early this afternoon, 4,000- 5,000 people gathered at Place de la République, which was entirely blocked off by the police. A demonstration started moving up avenue de la République in spite of the ban and the police presence. The cops blocked the demo further along the avenue, using batons, tear gas and grenades against the demonstrators. Confrontations then took place on the avenue and the place de la République. After blocking all access routes to the square, the police continued to charge at demonstrators. Confrontations and attempts to re-start the demonstration continued. Currently, more than a hundred arrests have been confirmed.10:00 The arrested people are scattered throughout Paris. At least one car was sent to Bobigny TGI. For at least one person under custody the indictment is « participation in an unauthorized demonstration ». All the updates

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